Get mesmerized to the rhythms of the video ‘Me And Her’ bought forward by the rapper Bossman

BOMAN  Me And Her

Floral City, May 14, 2019 ( – Creating relatable music isn’t an easy thing to do especially when the artists need to connect with the public. However, when it comes to creating authentic music, no one can compare to the versatile rapper Bossman. It had been quite some time since he stepped into the music industry and had been producing hit videos one after the other. The artist had dealt with many difficult situations throughout and all if it finds a reflection in his music making them real and authentic for the audience. His recent video ‘Me And Her‘ isn’t any different. With the help of his production house Fuzion house, Bossman lets his creativity shine through his music.

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The video ‘Me And Her’shows some of the very realistic concepts of the present world. Money and guns show the violence and finance power means everything these days. In fact in order to survive these two play a major role. The artist is shown to be rapping flawlessly throughout the video. The women have shown in the videos shown as a sign of betrayal that individuals often face these days. The image of death is portrayed in the video as well. Since Bossmancreates all his music videos from his real-life experiences the relatability of the videos enhanced attracting the people towards him.

The soundscape of the video is mainly based on the genre of hip-hop and rap. The ambiance of the video perfectly synchronizes with the background making it one of a kind in its composition. The artist has displayed a professional level of creativity that can only be witnessed in the videos of the established artists of the industry. The bass and beats are placed at regular intervals making them the hit factor in the video ‘Me And Her‘. The passion of the artist Bossman can clearly be felt from the very beginning of the video and it is this intensity of his style that has kept the audiences hooked to it. The artist through his videos inspires his listeners into not giving up despite the consequences. The videos are easily accessible and the audiences are mesmerized with his creations. You can connect with Bossman through his social media on Instagram.

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