Hip-hop and its Outspoken Lyrical Influences in GmfKyy’s ‘So Cold’ is a Compelling Rhythmic Mix


Newark, May 15, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Hip-hop’s cultural celebration as one of the most conspicuous genre representations out there has put forward many artists and musicians contributing to the purpose of music with their valuable contributions through songs. Carrying forward towards collective glory the resurgence of rap and hip-hop is upcoming artist GmfKyy and his list of dynamic song sculptures. His newly released song ‘So Cold‘ is an undulation of lyrical, rhythmic, and musical galore that curates the best essence of hip-hop’s contemporary intricacies that come together as a beautiful blend. A song that epitomizes the true virtues of life and existence, ‘So Cold‘ puts forward the fragments of lyrical and thematic characteristics into one line of expression.

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Talented hip hop artist, GmfKyy, working under the label name of FastMoney Ent is making music his innate flair that has the ability to capture and influence every soul out there with unadulterated serenity. His take on the neo-wave course of hip-hop’s culturalism stirs inspiration in his audience with his beautiful lyrical and musical wisdom. His passion for music brims through the crevices of his songs that present some of the most captivating of thematic orders in the spectrum of rap and hip-hop. His straightforwardness and humility make his work of art stand out in the crowd of superfluous and redundant glamor. Music is all about natural acceptance and display of personal and social redemption. GmfKyy‘s musical outspokenness epitomizes these important aspects of music’s glory in all its grandeur.

GmfKyy‘s musical accomplishment has put forward other songs like ‘CrossRoads‘ and ‘No Hope‘ among others that exemplify the contemporary entrails of life in a new light. His new musical venture, the EP named ‘Against the odds‘ is up for release this month. As he continues to build his territory of beautiful, inspirational music, his global popularity is just a speck away from reaching fulfillment. Follow his work on Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook right away.


SO COLD : https://soundcloud.com/user-979143586/so-cold-3-8-19


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