The metal band Hollywood Nightmare has mesmerized the audience with their intense compositions

Hollywood Nightmare

Los Angeles, May 15, 2019 ( – Out of the many genres, metalcore has always been intense, deep, dark and soul-baring and not for every soul. However the metal band HollywoodNightmareis, unlike any band that has ever stepped onto the music industry. This band is known for their realistic and deep creations which is intense and powerful to the very core. Two of their tracks ‘ScaryAF‘ and ‘Thorns’ shows the kind of reality the band holds up in front of the audience. While many artists celebrate life, HollywoodNightmare focus on the gory and harsh realities of the world.

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Taking their influence from the genre of metalcore, HollywoodNightmare speaks of the deception the world of Hollywood holds for the world. The band wants to get the people aware of the realities that lie beyond the fake reality. The track ‘ScaryAF’ contains misery and gruesomeness of today’s contemporary world. The vocals if the artists lay in perfect synchronization with the ambiance of the track. The gritty soundscape can be hard from the very beginning and is the key factor contributing to the success of the track.

Compared to this in ‘Thorns‘ reflects on all the hardships that people go through in their lifetime. The band HollywoodNightmare is known for their originality of style and creation. Each of their compositions is vastly diverse from the other. Some of their other creations are ‘Biohazard’, ‘Moving On’, ‘Influence for Confidence’, ‘Controlled’ etc. You can connect with the band through their Facebook and Instagram.

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