Upcoming Hip-hop Artist JEWELS JAADDA’s Song ‘Shut Tha CITY DOWN’ is a Cultural and Lyrical Galore


Chandler, May 14, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Hip-hop has no inhibitions when it comes to its expressive etymology and cultural interpretation of various strains and subject matters. Upcoming hip-hop artist JEWELS JAADDA is creating a beautiful assortment of a palate that exemplifies hip-hop glory as a genre and as its historic feats as a medium of revolt and declaration. His newly released single ‘Shut Tha CITY DOWN’ is exemplary in its outspokenness and conspicuous detailing that tells stories of personal and interpersonal relationships. From his figurative trajectories to its lyrical affluence, ‘Shut Tha CITY DOWN‘ is the contemporary version of global features that has the world wanting more.

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Hailing from Houston, Texas, JEWELS JAADDA may be new in the collective hip-hop scene but his charismatic wisdom has the potential to flourish into something breathtaking. With ‘Shut Tha CITY DOWN’, he has already a moved a step forward from his contemporaries that reassure engagement and an expanded audience base. His thematic depictions that are laced with straightforward opinions and cultural transitions from old-school to contemporary have made his work stand out in the extravaganza of hip-hop’s greater purpose.

JEWELS JAADDA, working under the label called FLOW ACTIVE ENT has the best creative crevices that flow into a harmony of beautiful rhythmic patterns. His rapping skills are not for the faint-hearted, a statutory warning that he puts out for his audience beforehand. With his effortless attempts at creating music and delivering honest life entrails, his popularity is on the rise to reach the zenith of creative stardom. Follow his work on Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter to experience cultural diversity in music like never before.

Check out spotify music link :  https://open.spotify.com/track/4s8ME0HudEtt9fBJzjaKwz


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