Attorney Jeffery M. Leving Prevents International Child Abduction of Infant

Chicago, May 15, 2019 ( – Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving will explain how he saved a Chicago dad’s infant son from potentially being abducted to a Southeast Asian country, thousands of miles away, Saturday, May 18th on Power 92.3 FM or at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

Shortly after the birth of dad’s little boy, the child’s mother, according to Court records, threatened the father that she would take his child away from him, and he would never see his son again. A short time later, the mother, who is a citizen of a Southeast Asian country, where she owns the land and has extended family, announced that she was taking dad’s son there on vacation. Given the mother’s earlier threats to take his son away from him forever, dad became frantic that the mother would abscond with the child, never to return.  

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Terrified by the prospect of losing his son forever, he sought legal help from Dads Rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving to keep his son safe in the United States. Immediately, Leving put together his legal team, led by attorneys Leslie P. Poole and Eric M. Hartig, with investigative assistance from Detective Wayne Halick.

The Leving Legal Team quickly designed an aggressive strategy. First, Leving enrolled the child in the U.S. State Department’s Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program to ensure that the mother could not remove the child from this country. Next, Leving appeared in Court and argued that the infant should remain with dad in the U.S., and the mother should be prohibited from removing the child from this country. The Judge agreed, ordered that the child would remain in the U.S. with dad, and ordered the mother not to remove the child from this country for any reason. If the mother violates that order and flees with the child, she can be incarcerated.

Without the Leving Team’s intervention, this little boy could now be living thousands of miles away, and this Chicago dad would have lost his son forever. Now, the child is back in the only home he has ever known, thriving in the safety of his dad’s loving care.

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