Cheryl Halpern returns to Festival de Cannes to be honoured and promote latest film for world peace

Alpes-Cote dAzur, May 16, 2019 ( – Award Winning Director and Humanitarian Cheryl Halpern are proud to be included in the New Generation In Action’s  AFI World Peace Initiative thematic programming during Festival de Cannes with the screening of her new documentary,” Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story.” “It is a privilege to have my new film selected for the AFI World Peace Initiative’s humanitarian and “films of purpose,” awards program,” said Mrs Halpern.

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The New Generation In Action (NGIA) is an NGO that is recognized with Special Consultative Status by the United Nations. The NGIA has been utilizing the diversity of media platforms to promote respect and dignity across the broad spectrum of global society regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion. With its AFI World Peace Initiative, the NGIA has chosen film as an impactful means to educate, enlighten and inform audiences of all ages, around the world, with a better understanding of the existential issues facing us all today. Through its multimedia initiatives, including film screenings and distribution to schools, universities, museums and libraries the  NGIA has been able to engage audiences from the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, United States and South America, Oceania, and Caribbean regions (not limited to)

“We applaud Cheryl Halpern’s commitment to the production of compelling documentaries that reflect the NGIA’s goals. In ‘Herinneren: Het verhaal van Maurits Kiek… Remembering The Maurits Story’ Mrs Halpern presents the story of one man’s courage to return to Nazi-occupied Europe, serve as a covert MI-9 agent and fight the perpetrators of evil. Maurits Kiek is a hero for us to remember  A man who was not limited by prejudice towards race, religion or creed in his fight against inhumanity.  By sharing this and other such stories, we can encourage the New Generation to become heroes and heroines in their own communities and challenge intolerance and disrespect wherever it emerges,” stated multi-media talent and Founder HRH Princess Dame Angelique Monet.

Mrs Halpern expressed her appreciation, saying, “I am honoured for my documentary to receive this recognition.  Remembering is essential and we must share the life altering memories from generation to generation. This documentary is especially important given the rise of neo-nazism, extremism and intolerance around the world and the exposure of the younger generations to this bigotry and fanaticism on multiple global multi-media and social networking platforms.

As Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, solemnly noted, “Remembering is a noble and necessary act. The rejection of memory becomes a divine curse, one that would doom us to repeat past disasters, past wars.” 

Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story” will receive special honours as Best World Peace & Tolerance Documentary and for its Contribution to Jewish History at the invitation-only Annual World Peace and Tolerance Brunch (Cannes) on May 22nd from 11 am until 1 pm. Mrs Halpern will address the audience on “The roles that film and media can play in promoting civility.” In addition, Mrs Halpern will be recognised for her role and contribution to NGIA and other global initiatives with the “New Generation In Action Lady of the Year Award 2019.” 

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Following the brunch guests will be invited to the Premiere in Gray Room 4 at Gray d’Albion a part of Festival de Cannes Marche du Film screening venues where Mrs Halpern will host a question and answer session.


“Herinneren: Het verhaal van Maurits Kiek… Remembering The Maurits Story” presents one man’s courage to return to Nazi-occupied Europe and serve as a covert MI-9 agent. His unwavering determination to stand up, in the face of overwhelming odds, and fight the perpetrators of evil was acknowledged in Den Haag, The Hague, in 2015. He is a hero for us to remember as we, too, are challenged to respond to human injustice and cruelty.


Cheryl Halpern is a partner at HQ Creative LLC, an Emmy Award-winning production company and branding agency serving clients throughout the world. A producer and director of documentaries, Mrs Halpern has a long record of public service in broadcasting and has served three U.S. Presidents in this capacity. Mrs Halpern was confirmed to serve as a director of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and was elected by the board to serve two terms as chairman.  In addition to her service in public broadcasting, Cheryl Halpern served as a Public Delegate of the United States to the 63rd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. 

Mrs Halpern’s independently produced award-winning documentaries have provided compelling historical and cultural information to her audiences. Her films embody the spirit of achievement and provide positive visual images and messages for all; regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Her documentaries have been screened around the world by film festivals and educational institutions. They have also been included in Museum exhibits and library collections. 

In 2016, the World Tolerance Awards committee presented Mrs Halpern with the Tolerance Woman of the Year Award. She also received the A.F.I. World Peace Initiative’s Cinema and Humanitarian Award during the Cannes Film Festival. In recognition of her humanitarian efforts, Cheryl Halpern was initiated in 2017 as Her Royal Highness I. Halimah Daeng Negai from the Kingdom of Tallo, Sulawesi, Indonesia.  In recognition for her dedication to promoting peace with respect for ethnic and cultural diversity the King of Surakarta in 2018 bestowed upon her the title of Princess and the new name KMA Dharmastutingtyas.

Mrs Halpern lives in New Jersey with her husband and executive producer Fred.

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