New California rapper Dane Steez is dominating the stages with his creation ‘Ride With Me’

Ride With Me by Dane Steez

Grass Valley, May 15, 2019 ( – Creating a major impact on people lives with music happens to be the goal of many artists but not many can achieve them. But when it comes to the rapper Dane Steez this had never been an issue as he was born to captivate people with his amazing creative qualities. New California rapper Dane Steez wanted to motivate his listens with self-confidence, love and it can be said, that he has achieved so with his compositions. His new launch to the audience titled ‘Ride With Me’ has been a massive hit all over the world. It is because if the relatable factor of the song, that audiences developed a closer and stronger bond with the artist.

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The artist Dane Steez mixes and matches various genres making them unique and one of a kind in its creations. He wants to make a positive impact on the lives of his listeners through his track ‘Ride With Me’. Since he mainly focuses his tracks on hip-hop, each of them is intense in its creations. The subject matter of the track is taken from his personal life making it that much more realistic in nature. Dane Steezhas also collaborated with Nate Dogg while producing the track ‘Ride With Me’. While listening to the track the audiences are made aware of the importance of home, friends, ambition and many more things.

Everything in life is an inspiration for the artist and this is reflected in the composition ‘Ride With Me’ as well. At he beginning the soothing melodies is captivating enough to get the listeners hooked to it till the very end. It is then followed by the flawless rapping skills of the artist Dane Steez. The track can easily be described as refreshing, optimistic and alluring in nature. You can follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Dane Steez

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