Surf Leashes at The Surfboard Warehouse Provide Safety for People and Boards

Brandon, May 16, 2019 ( – The Surfboard Warehouse fully understands that wiping out on a wave is bad enough, but the surf is fickle and it can easily take a board out of reach and into a rocky shore. Many novice surfers have discovered the value of using a surfboard leash after they’ve lost a surfboard they’ve spent hundreds of dollars to purchase.

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“There’s nothing worse than adding insult to injury by losing your surfboard to the same wave that wiped you out,” said Darth Sculpt, brand ambassador for The Surfboard Warehouse.

Wearing a surfboard leash is essential for the beginning surfer to keep their board within easy reach when they wipe out. The Surfboard Warehouse understands the importance of a leash, especially when surfing in locales where reefs and rocky shorelines are prevalent.

The company offers a variety of surf leashes to accommodate a multitude of preferences. Leashes are available from the largest and most respected brands in the industry in lengths of 5-12 feet. Surfers can select from leashes for the ankle or knee, along with those that are entirely adjustable for up to 14 feet.

The surf leashes available at The Surfboard Warehouse are offered in multiple colors and are equally applicable for surfboards in the open ocean and paddle boarders in flat water conditions. All the surf finds at the company are designed for versatility, strength, elasticity, to reduce tangling, and for complete comfort during wear. Surfboard leashes are offered for every skill level, from novices to world-class competitors.

The Surfboard Warehouse is also the destination of athletes around the globe that want the best in surfboard fins for surfing or paddle boarding activities for a superior level of stability and maneuverability. More than a dozen brands are offered, with multiple selections from each and any surfer can participate in the Finatic fin testing program to try out surf fins and discover how each affects and facilitates balance.

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From surfboard leashes and surfboard fins to wetsuits and SUP paddles, the offerings at The Surfboard Warehouse are all designed with the water enthusiast in mind. They provide safety for surfers and protection for valuable equipment.

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The Surfboard Warehouse is a surf shop online where there are no limits, you dream up the surfboard and we’ll get it made for you. We have every fin that Future and FCS have to offer. Never be stuck with the wrong equipment again. We can get you any surfboard bag you need. Your surf shop should not be limited by distance or options. No matter where you are or what you need, we will do our best to get it to you.

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