Robert Lingard: «The de-positioning of the European left is behind the new nationalist rise»

London, May 17, 2019 ( – Approaching next weekend’s election for the European Parliament, the European Union seems to be facing a potential political earthquake with what the polls project to be a significant rise of electoral consent given to anti-EU parties.

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Commenting on the present uncertainty, the Italian communication expert Robert Lingard claims: The current rise of the nationalist right can only be justified by the progressive de-positioning the European left has perpetrated in the last twenty years. The European left has been undermined by its ongoing attempt to politically capitalise on internal minorities with insignificant electoral weight; and by embracing what political scientists and economists define as globalism, they seem to have forgotten their natural electoral core business: workers.

According to Lingard, the re-positioning of the European left has opened a huge gate of opportunities for nationalist political parties: «The political emptiness European left-wing parties have created when it comes to protecting workers and their rights has been capitalised by State interventionist right-wing political parties, driven by a new-nationalist ideology as opposed to the one embraced by the left. What these – generally speaking – anti-EU political configurations that preach decentralisation for more centralisation have been pioneering is a propaganda whose contents go in the direction of themes that originally belonged to the left: to protect the jobs and salaries of their citizens, to set legal boundaries for delocalisation, to prevent more financially appealing cheap and unskilled immigrants to access the country and replace more expensive local workers.

Lingard has a particular view on politics: «Business and politics follow the same marketing laws. The problem is that even in politics, like in business, brands sometimes forget what has made them successful, thus leaving huge market share opportunities to more aggressive small competitors with the ambition to grow. The European left de-positioning is even bolder than an attempt of simple repositioning. The European left has not tried to widen its political appeal, it tried to appeal to politically irrelevant minorities. In politics, you do not form a government by owning 100% of a minority, but by owning 51% of the majority.

Robert Lingard is the founder of Power Brand Communication, a broadcast PR agency based in London specialised in brand building for start-ups and SMEs. He is the creator of Brand Bullets. The UK’s Broadcast PR Blog and Brand Positioning UK. The UK’s Blog on Brand Positioning. Robert Lingard is the author of the first book written on the discipline of broadcast PR, Brand To Sell: Ignite Your Influence and Build Your Brand with Broadcast PR, and the author of Sabotage & Subversion: The 10 Principles of Business Guerrilla. Both books are available on Amazon. Featured in national publications all over the world for his research, like La Repubblica (Italy) and The New Zealand Herald (New Zealand), he is regularly invited as a speaker in top-tier universities in the UK.

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