The Track ‘Chakra Charge Guided Meditation’ by Adamah Offers a Road to Spirituality

Boise, May 17, 2019 ( – Music that soothes your soul is the best gift an artist can present to the audience and the brilliant Adamah has managed to achieve this with his track ‘Chakra Charge Guided Meditation‘. There is no doubt about the fact that Adamah is quite different to the other artist in the industry. While many present compositions with groovy rhythms and upbeat basslines, the artist tends to focus on the softer version of music. His ability to produce soul touching creations with spirituality has captivated the minds of millions of audience. And it has increased his fan circle in the process.

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This Idaho music artist Adamah who is also known as Caleb Bjorlo wants to make this world a better place with his music and also believes that this can only be possible when the people change for the better as well. With his latest track ‘Chakra Charge Guided Meditation‘ he want the people to connect with their inner self and bring out their positives.The artist Adamah speaks about groundedness in his composition along with getting rid if various anxieties and developing courage and resourcefulness in the process.

This creation of Adamah ha been a great gift for his listeners as many people though wanting too are unable to be a part of any medication centers due to various reasons. ‘Chakra Charge Guided Meditation‘ has made a positive impact n many around the world. Throughout the audio the artist instructs how to attain peace in plain and simple words. The soothing melodies incorporated by the artist in the composition are what the people need to rejuvenate their soul at the end if a tiresome day. The ambience of the track has been perfectly synchronized with the ambience of the track. You can now connect with this amazing artist through his social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

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