The Creativity Shown by London Hip-Hop Artist koruptj01muisc in His Compositions is Truly Impeccable

Cashed Out by Koruptj01music

London, May 20, 2019 ( – Among the few new artists who are assumed to make a mark on the industry, koruptj01muisc is said to be the brightest of them all. Mixing and matching various genres he is known for bringing rhythmic fusions for the audience. Taking his influence from the hip hop genre he wants to inspire his listeners into leading a better life and achieving their goals. The artist had to overcome many difficulties to get to the place he is in now. However, through all the hardships in his life,koruptj01muisc never gave up his passion for musicand it was his passion that pushed him through to continue forward.

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Even though he has recently stepped into the music industry, has earned quite a name for himself in this short period of time. He is a popular London hiphop artist who is known for his gifted artistic qualities and unlike many artists; he brings forward the harsh realities in front of the audience. koruptj01muiscis evolving with each new track two of his tracks stands as a testament to his qualities. The artist wants to revolutionize the modern contemporary soundscape with his creativity and it can be said that he is doing a brilliant job in it.

Two of the tracks for which koruptj01muisc is popularly known for are ‘Cashed Out‘ and ‘Freestyle 01‘ and the composition in both the composition are worlds apart from each other. Each of the track brings out the passionate and yet intense voice of the artist. The rhythmic grooves placed at regular intervals makes the tracks even more captivating, to begin with. The artist koruptj01muisc makes his composition a mixture of both practicality and enjoyment. It is his captivating aura that has attracted millions of audience to him.  He mainly connects with his fans through Instagram and Facebook.

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