The Expansion of GBE Only Entertainment and its CEO Alander Pulliam plans for 2019 and 2020

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Los Angeles, May 21, 2019 ( – Chief Executive Officer and Founder of GBE Only Entertainment Alander Pulliam challenged himself with a project that would bring more jobs to the Los Angeles area among the African American population. Areas in which others count as unlikely to achieve markets. This is not the first time a black-owned company tried to create a way for those who are despised among other areas that are considered more likely to succeed. But when you consider what makes this project different it is solely based on the passion and dedication and method of strategy.

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No one really goes with the intention of actually creating that other than Nipsey Hussle, because we all know that you have to start somewhere in order to end somewhere else. Without a doubt, the challenge is always difficult because of the politics that circulates throughout the territory. There is no exact answer to how to solve every matter that pertains to these types of challenges. We cannot just let challenges stop us from making the moves that are essential to our youth and their future.

The present is here and that is the key here, nothing that is done should be done without our youth in mind, every move and every thought should be on how to better the lifestyles of our youth. First, the mindset and the heart is where we should start and then slowly infusing their brains with positive goals, wisdom, and direction. Teaching them how to work and what work requires and how to build upon a character in a good way instead of feeding them the things of this world in which they start to devalue themselves more and more due to trying to collect everything within this world in order to feel validated. GBE Only Entertainment is not just an entertainment company that wants to feed all of there consumers, but a company who wants to feed the consumers in order to grow within there communities. There is no way we can do anything without these communities, therefore we must take care of them and help them grow as well.

The first step we must take is creating jobs, fund education and build atmosphere within the communities to help the community see a different light within there own world. Instead of having a company that seeks to misuse and abuse vulnerable communities we are to form a company that provides essentials to them that will open their eyes, mind and increase there abilities to see beyond the pits of there circumstances. GBE Only Entertainment pledges to help create businesses within the communities of Compton, Long Beach, Watts, and many more of our great communities that have so much value in it.

This is the only way to increase talent and abilities. People have so much within them and there is nothing that is requiring them to find it and use it so they waste it. We will not allow that to continue. Providing Jobs is one thing but we have too many other valuable things that God has given us and that is what we will utilize with the blessings God has stored upon us. We will give back in several ways, ways that will increase the growth and opportunities for our young and older families within these small parts of the city that often times get overlooked because the way value is set is based on looks, color, and financial backgrounds. This shall not take effect on our youth and black families any longer.

GBE Only Entertainment is taking a stand and pledging to become a pillar to the community.  This expansion will take place starting in July 2019 and all the way to 2020 of next year.  GBE Only Entertainment will begin a monthly meeting to discuss the details of the company expansion and its plan to build up our overlooked cities within the Los Angeles market. There should be no trace left behind. Not one.

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GBE Only Entertainment will be sending out emails and doing massive campaigns in the coming weeks to keep everyone in the markets mentioned such as Compton, Watts, Long Beach, and many others. For more information or to become a partner in this movement to a better community please contact Jovanni Manning at [email protected] or call 323-336-6845. GBE Only Entertainment will post more information on the website in the coming weeks as well. 

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