Latest Creations of Texas Rapper Kevin Bape are Multilayered Compositions of Depth and Intensity

Kevin Bape

Houston, May 22, 2019 ( – Every musician has a goal they want to achieve through their creations in their lifetime. And this Kevin Bape is one such musician who had an aim he wanted to achieve. His reason for stepping into the music industry was or for fame or money but the artist simply wanted to share his experiences with the world. The artist Kevin Bape had undergone some harsh realities of life and what better way to share those realities than through music. Each of his compositions is intense and breathtaking and each of his creation has a story to tell on its own. Among his collection two of his creations misunderstood’ andOn My Mind’ have been the recent buzz in the music industry.

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While many artists focus on celebration life, Kevin Bape has a different intention altogether. He wants to bring in front of his audience the harsh realities that people often tend to ignore. Through his creations, the artist wants to inspire his listeners into living up to their dreams and to go through whatever hardship life throws at them. Kevin Bape had undergone many struggles himself; however, his love for music helped him to push past all that. And now the artist wants to do the same for others through his creations misunderstood‘ andOn My Mind‘.

This Texas rapper is known for his versatile creations and he has amazed the audience again with his latest launches. Though both the tracks is based on the genre on alternative music genre, each of them has traditional hip-hop elements incorporated into it. The track misunderstood’ has an immense soundscape which lays in perfect synchronization with the ambience of the track. Compared to this, in  ‘On My Mind”, the artist Kevin Bape has shown an amazing level of creativity that can’t be matched. You can follow the artist on Instagram.

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misunderstood byKevin BapeOn My Mind by Kevin Bape

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