Shipping Golf Clubs Made Easy with Us!

New York City, May 22, 2019 ( – For any golf vacation, shipping golf clubs became very important. But LuggageToShipMakes it easy and affordable for you! We provide simple, reliable and affordable golf shipping services worldwide. Instead of pulling heavy bags in the trip, ship clubs with LuggageToShip.

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We help you customize the coverage and features you’d like to include in your shipment. That makes you in control of the price you pay. And when your round is done, it’s just as easy to ship your golf clubs directly back home.

How We Have Made Shipping Golf Clubs Easy?

Through our golf club shipping, we promise you to provide the most reliable and convenient shipping services worldwide. Instead of pulling heavy bags in the trip, ship clubs with LuggageToShip. By this, you would be able to save the least 30-minutes baggage claim time at the airport, as well as up to 70% shipping fee for each trip.

Process of Golf Club Shipping:

Know about Golf Clubbing Shipping-

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  • Book Online:

Sign up and place order

  • Labeling:

Attach shipping labels for security

  • Pick-up or Drop-off:

We arrange to pick up from door or drop-off at the carrier location

  • Swing:

Swing with your on-time delivered clubs and enjoy your vacation


Our Golf Club Shipping Services:

Check out our services for club shipping!

  • Real-time tracking
  • Free tag shipment
  • 24/7 supporting
  • Free storage service
  • $500 free insurance
  • Shipment protection

How We Store Your Golf Clubs?

We have made it very easy and convenient for you to ship your golf clubs. LuggageToship also provides free, safe and convenient storage services for golf clubs. We understand your time is valuable. Instead of handling each shipment yourself, we can store your bags and arrange shipment for each of your golf trips. You can simply swing and relax!

Process of Golf Club Storage:

Know about our Golf Clubs Storage process-


  • Book Online:

Sign up and place an order to our Delaware (19720) or New York (10017) warehouse

  • Arrival:

Your golf clubs arrive at our warehouse. We will get you notified of the acceptance by email

  • Store:

We securely keep your golf bag in our warehouse and wait for your new shipping order

  • Ship:

We attach labels and ship out your golf clubs, and deliver bags to the destination on time.


Our Golf Club Storage Services:

  • 24/7 security system
  • Up to 6-months free storage
  • 24/7 supporting
  • Package protection
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Save time and money

We Guarantee Safety while Shipping Golf Clubs by Packing and Labeling:

  • Securely wrap all fragile parts of golf sticks
  • Use a golf travel bag, hard case or golf box for packing
  • Please lock your bag by TSA approved locks or cable ties only
  • Attach all the shipping labels and document inside the label pouch, tracking barcode facing outside.
  • Put an additional copy of label and document inside golf case.
  • Take a full picture of the labeled golf clubs, with the tracking barcode.

Get our special shipping services with our website and make your trip even more special and light! Contact us now for shipping golf clubs with LuggageToShip.

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