Healthcare Practitioners as People Managers: A new Study by Great Manager Institute

Mumbai, May 27, 2019 ( – Great People Manager Study 2019 by Great Manager Institute has surveyed more than 35000 employees across various domains, including a number of hospitals and companies in the domain of healthcare. Based on its study, it has come up with a report on the healthcare industry.

Among other things, the report talks about the need for people management in performance as a doctor and cites the examples of unique and unconventional healthcare professionals who are in the list of Top 100 Great People Managers of India, according to Forbes India and Great Manager Institute. 

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At an event organized by Niti Aayog, Dr V.K. Paul, Faculty (AIIMS) mentioned the importance of having competent doctors. He was quoted saying that while India is expected to meet the WHO norm of 1:1000 doctor to the patient ratio by 2024, finding the right doctors is the toughest task. The report delves into why this gap means an even more prominent focus on the team supporting the doctors. 

Apart from identifying the underlying medical condition and acting upon it, modern health care practitioners (HCPs) must be able to offer a transformational experience to the patient. To achieve this HCPs do not solely rely on themselves, but also on their teams. And in the typical high-stress environment of the world of healthcare, the basics of people management play a critical role in delivering the right experience to the patients. 

For instance, Dr Reshma Tewari, who leads the Critical Care Unit (ICU) at Artemis Hospital, follows unique policies of participative management in ably delivering on her role that requires her entire team to handle critical situations almost every single minute. She understands the importance of people management and is aware of the gaps in the healthcare industry that necessitates the creation of unconventional policies. 

For her patient care is always the number one mission. No longer does it matter whether an individual being managed is a senior, a junior or somebody from the radiology department, an anaesthetist or a support staff; what matters is how they function as a team. She sees themselves as a group focusing on performance for their patients. And it isn’t surprising that she was recently recognized as a Great People Manager in the Great People Manager Study 2019 conducted by Great Manager Institute, in collaboration with Forbes India.

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Speaking about the importance of people management in the medical field, Neelima Gulavani of Great Manager Institute adds, “Healthcare is a place where people management matters the most – mainly because there’s so much at stake. If a doctor is unable to Connect, Develop and Inspire his/her team, it not just results in a disengaged workforce, but impacts a patient’s well-being and potentially their life too. At the Great Manager Institute, we believe that by helping doctors become great managers we are indirectly improving patient outcomes and quality of care.”

People management has been touted as the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s real innovation and is critical in every industry. It is just that in the case of the healthcare industry, HCPs must not only exhibit these skills, but they must do so under pressure. The report on the healthcare industry shall now be available through paid public viewership by the Great Manager Institute. 

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