Groovy Essence and Lyrical Flow in Rich T’s ‘Modern Chauffeur’ is a Modern Day Musical Rendition

Rich T

Ruislip, May 28, 2019 ( – Music’s freedom of appreciation has always broken barriers that pave the way for bigger purposes. Genre influences that come together in a boisterous cluster to form sweet lyrical melodies pierce audience hearts and work as an impetus for life, passion, and belongingness. Presenting to the global scene of musical resurgence yet another mesmeric venture is upcoming artist Rich T is culminating the flavors of differential musical styles and deconstructing his own subjective interpretations on a varied range of subject matters with an edgy lyrical passage in the contemporary line. His newly released song ‘Modern Chauffeur‘ is a culturally enriched track that exemplifies the innate quintessence of the extant time and era.

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Hailing from West London, Rich T‘s musical expressions portray something bigger than the literal terms of music. His lyrical and musical spontaneity is not restricted as a partial tribute to one genre but he collects the best structural elements of various musical forms and creates a variation he can call his own. Singing and rapping and collaborating incredible fragments of harmonic growth, Tyrone Hamilton has patented his own expressive style of music that does not abide by any standardizations. He is currently the CEO of RetroMusicGroup, a phenomenal creative collaboration that has presented other hits including ‘Reach The Stars’, ‘Heart Ache’, and ‘BellyDancer’ among others. Rich T‘s songs have the emotional belongingness that entices the audience to come back for more.

With ‘Modern Chauffeur‘ Ft Leyla Moaser, Rich T has redefined his creative compass all the more profoundly. As he continues to make huge waves of appreciation all across the globe, his rise to the top of the charts is just a matter of a few more concrete steps. Singing and making musical connections between the verses, rhythms, and lyrical maturation of his songs, he establishes a whole different kind of ambiance in the spectrum of music and its trajectory to bigger deeds. His composure and artistry make his outspokenness all the more purposeful like an unending scope of opportunities. Be a part of a journey that conceptualizes the territories of music, lyrics, life, reality, and the inherent wisdom of choice by following his work on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram right away.

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