Jeffery Leving Wins Custody for Chicago Dad, Defeats Mother’s Attempted Parental Alienation

Chicago, May 30, 2019 ( – Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving will explain how he won custody for a Chicago dad and thwarted the mother’s attempted parental alienation, Saturday, June 1 on Power 92.3 FM and at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

According to court records, beginning when the child was a little boy, the mother embarked on a campaign to alienate the boy from his father. For years, she reportedly uprooted the boy’s life by moving him from state to state, making it extremely difficult for dad to see his son. The mother even prevented dad from communicating with his son by phone. Many times, dad had no way to contact his son.  Most heartbreaking for dad was when he learned that the mother told the little boy that his dad didn’t care about him or want to see him, all in an effort to alienate the boy from his father.  

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Moreover, according to Court records, while in the mother’s care, the boy was forced to live in an unhealthy and dangerous environment. The mother reportedly abused drugs and alcohol in front of the boy, and neglected his most basic medical needs:  for years, the boy never saw a dentist, and he had ringworms which the mother left untreated for months.  

When the boy became a teenager, the mother again moved to another state, but this time left the boy with dad. Living with dad, the boy began to flourish and developed close relationships with his extended family in the area, and with his many friends at school and in his neighbourhood. Dad, an educator, was very involved with his son’s education and extracurricular activities. He coached his son’s soccer team and was the commencement speaker at his son’s eighth-grade graduation ceremony. The boy now attends a wonderful high school, where he earns straight As, is a leader on the basketball team, and plays in the school band.

After years with dad, suddenly, the mother decided she wanted the boy back. Dad panicked. He could not let his son’s life be uprooted once again, or risk having his son become alienated from him, so he turned to Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving for help.

With the mother threatening to again take the boy to another state, the Leving Legal Team, led by attorney Andrey Filipowicz, jumped into action, working tirelessly to keep the boy with his dad and prevent any more attempts at parental alienation. Leving went to Court and passionately argued that the boy deserves to remain in the healthy and loving environment that dad created. Leving won. He obtained custody for dad, ensuring that the mother can never again attempt to alienate the boy from his devoted father. 

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