HipHop Territories with Lyrical and Rhythmic Turns in freemee’s ‘No Regrets’ is a Thematic Union

No Regrets by freemee

Los Angeles, Jun 3, 2019 ( – Notes that create some of the most enticing hip-hop trajectories in the spectrum of contemporary music scene present something with a purpose. Upcoming hip-hop artist freemee‘s newly released song ‘No Regrets‘ weave some of the best lyrical and musical flavors that recreate the genre’s authentic essence in the most captivating of ways. ‘No Regrets‘ resonate beautifully with everyone’s story but with individualistic interpretations. The lyrical outspokenness in the song creates a mellifluous ambiance that is gradually climbing the steps to more and more qualitative musical ventures. Freemee‘s freedom to put his mind and soul to the beautiful construction of his songs make him stand out in the overlapping frenzy of similar musical drifts.

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California hip hop artist freemee has his objectives set as he wants to expand his music to touch the zenith of lyrical spontaneity. Urban poetry has a way of culminating into some of the most incredible musical themes that find a way into the audience hearts with their undulating charisma. Freemee tributes his inspiration to the collective global bloom of music and does not restrict his tunes just to specific genre morals. Hip-hop being his most conspicuous line of musical progression has made him create other tracks like ‘Anthem’, ‘Remember Me’, and ‘Shrek’ among others that also ventilate the compelling verses of extraordinary music-making flairs.

As freemee continues to redefine and reimburse the lost glories of music, he is only making his own style find its path to salvation. His audience stream is growing at an exponential rate; an accomplishment that emerges as an impetus for him to create more sublime pieces of work. As he plans on this continuity to drop one track every week, his sincerity is even more pronounced. Follow him on Soundcloud to make hip-hop and its exceptional strains pierce your heart and soul like never before.

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