The Uniqueness of Yungchans’ Creations Sets him Apart from the Rest of the Hip-Hop Artists


Marlboro, Jun 6, 2019 ( – Even though there are many artists in the music industry, not many have the depth of expression which is important to attract audiences to their creations. However, when it comes to the young artist Yungchans this had never been an issue as each of his creation is quite unique to begin within the first place. Even though h artist is 16 years old, his talent goes beyond anything ever displaced by teenager. Yungchans started composing music since he was 12 and with each new track he has simply evolved as an artist. Since the artist uses hip-hop genre to communicate with the audience, his tracks can easily be described as an anthem of self expression.

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Unlike many other artists in the industry, Yungchans is an independent artist who is not connected to any label and therefore he has to put in twice the effort as compared to many artists the industry. Unlike many other artists who use the hip-hop genre to covey messages regarding money and women, Yungchans uses it to convey about his daily experiences and motivates his listeners to come forward with their stories and to share it with the world. The artist deals with a wide range of themes in his creations ranging from hopefulness, to having fun to doing too much in life to fit in sometimes. It is no doubt about the fact that Yungchans brings forward some of the most captivating tracks even though he is quite new to the industry.

Till now, the artist has launched a total of 5 tacks out of which ‘text messages’, ‘your mine’, ‘grow up‘ are some of the popular ones among the young generation. Though most of the artists are based on the genre of hip-hop, each of the tracks is different in their compositional structure. You can connect with Yungchans through his account on Instagram


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grow up prod jtk

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