Strains of Grunge Hip-Hop in Tizzy TEACH’s Song ‘My Way’ is a Creative Affluence of Music and Lyrics

My Way

Tacoma, Jun 7, 2019 ( – In the spectrum of cultural progression, hip-hop has come a long way in terms of its expressions and pronouncement in dealing with structural social growth and changes. Upcoming artist Tizzy TEACH is treading the strain of grunge hip-hop and coming out with captivating tracks that not only present the global significance of the genre but also creates his own personal perspectives in one line of thematic depiction. His newly released track ‘My Way‘ has a distinct musical freedom that utilizes groovy beats and rhythmic patterns in making a song that sits fit with the current audience demand of musical reformation.

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Tacoma musician Brandon Lomax who goes by his stage name Tizzy TEACH has his musical sculptures sorted with his other tracks including ‘TEACH Habits‘ and ‘Where Were You‘ among others. His linearity in his lyrical formulation, rhythmic insights, and ambient creative articulation all come together in a boisterous harmony paving the way for an individualistic flavor in his songs. He has simultaneously continued spreading his musical joy across borders while maintaining his flourishing skateboarding career. Working with Dysfunctional Family Entertainment, Tizzy TEACH’s sound stream is growing bigger into becoming a breakthrough in the scope of grunge hip-hop and its intricacies. His new track ‘My Way‘ is leaving an amazing impression on the audiences.

A musical entourage that makes life’s perspectives fall into the right places, Tizzy TEACH is not just another musician trying to surface in the frenzy of overlapping musical styles, but his unparalleled insights that write the good verses of musical development makes him stand out among his contemporaries. His biggest influencers who have imbibed a lifetime of music and melody in his soul include the likes of Voxx, Mac Miller, Drake, JCole, Logic, and Kendrick Lamar. As a result, his capacity to create a diverse arena of creative linearity has become more exposed to better music. Be a part of an experience that utters the good streams of lyrical glory along the explicit lines of hip-hop by following Tizzy TEACH and his work on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Dfamusic right away.


My Way :


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