The NiteLanding Lamp: Relive Your Favorite Moments at 40,000 Feet

Revisit that moment again

Singapore, Jun 6, 2019 ( – The ZERO DEGREE brand first hit the market in 2016 with the award-winning product “ZERO DEGREE: Aromatic Herbal Inhaler“. The team is launching their new product call the NiteLanding Lamp on the popular crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, where the public can pre-order with ease. According to inside sources, the NiteLanding Lamp is well worth the hype, helping people reminisce about their most special moments at 40,000 feet.

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The NiteLanding Lamp is a 2-in-1 art display of famous city maps from all around the world. What really sets the product apart is the way it looks during the day and night. The art display relies on an electrical power source to switch on and activate the city light effects, transforming into either a day view or breathtakingly lit-up city light view at night.

“ZERO DEGREE delivers unforgettable experiences,” says the founder. “From the home to the office, the NiteLanding Lamp brings beautiful city light views that endlessly inspire, delivering moments that can be visited again and again.”

The story behind NiteLanding Lamp is simple. The founder was staring out the window of an airplane on a flight to London for a family vacation. As the plane started descending towards the Heathrow airport and the sun went down, the founder was speechless. He was captivated by the mesmerizing views of the city skyline with golden lights peppering the city. The warm, ambient glow emanated from buildings, roads, and streetlights, all forming the modern-day city we know so well.

“That’s how ZERO DEGREE and the NiteLanding Lamp came to be. I desperately wanted to pause time and stay in the moment forever. So, I found a way to do just that. This project is all about helping people travel back to a particular moment in an instant, and relive it all over again,” continues the ZERO DEGREE founder.

The NiteLanding Lamp is the perfect gift for men and women of all ages and denominations who appreciate the beauty of city lights. The product can even be used as a lamp. It’s the first of its kind on the global art market.

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“Every time the viewer looks at the product, we want them to revisit that particular moment with such a breath-taking view of the city,” says the founder once more. “We want them to be able to reminisce on their happiest moments, and freeze-frame them forever.”

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