Synth-Pop Tunes with Structured Lyrics in Positronic’s ‘Higher Point Of View’ Is A Thematic Image

Positronic  Higher Point Of View

California City, Jun 8, 2019 ( – The traditional semantics of music’s definitions and pronouncements have gone through considerable modulations as per the evolutionary growth of social and cultural progression. Electronic and synth-pop being quite an active partaker of the current wave of music has many new artists following the same bandwagon of musical interpretation with their own individualism. Artist Positronic is conceptualizing the distinct flavors and lyrical magnetism of his genre and coming out with tracks that create a blissful reminiscent of lyrical and melodic glory. His newly released track ‘Higher Point Of View‘ is a creatively put together piece of art that accumulates the unavoidable complexities in a relationship and its viable crevices towards collective salvation.

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Hailing from Eastvale, Inland Empire, California, Michael L. McDannold has adopted the stage name Positronic that translates to positive electronic music in all the justified ways. As a result of music’s spectrum of variant outspokenness, its categorizations too have paved the way for their own identity with synth-pop and electronic-pop gradually making its way into the mainstream extravaganza of global music. Positronic has been lending his creative hands at music for the past 25 odd years apart from being a family man and a doting father of 5. His music brims with positivity and motivation, an innateness that makes his independently arranged tracks stand out. With ‘Higher Point Of View‘ he has not only addressed the quotidian aspects of a relationship but has also shown how they are just aspects that lead us all to find clarity and perspective.

Positronic hails life, family, and Almighty as the driving forces of his inspiration while his musical inspirations are extracted from the likes of Depeche Mode, Erasure, OMD, and Pet Shop Boys among others. He is already numerous songs into the scene to global glory and his tracks ‘Regret’ and ‘The Phantom Bride’ define his exclusive style like no other. His debut album ‘A New Day’ is already out and doing its promotional bit to reach out to thousands of audience worldwide.  As his glorious contribution to the successful growth of electronic and synth-pop grows bigger by the second, his global popularity is not very far from attaining a breakthrough attribute. Follow his artistic lineage on YouTube, Soundcloud, and, Facebook to be a part of this extravagant glory of music like never before.

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