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Orem, Jun 7, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – SEG Funding helps companies in multiple stages, whether they are Starting, Expanding or Growing (thus S.E.G.). They are a legitimate and great company to work with. When seeking business financing it’s difficult to know what to do to be successful. SEG Funding is legitimate and the authority in sifting the vast business financing market. There are thousands of lenders spread throughout the country with all different underwriting criteria, and not all of them are actively lending to businesses. Each lender has different underwriting parameters and finances various stages of businesses, industries and situations. Where do you go to avoid wasting time, money, inquiries and pointless endeavors?

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What does it take for a company to look legitimate and be structures right in a lender’s eyes?

SEG Funding has the answers and expertise with these questions. They are also a full-blown loan consultant to help with any requested items a lender may demand (i.e. Incorporation Services, Business Plans, Financial Proforma’s, Website Creations, etc.) Obtaining Business financing is similar to having a good meal. Knowing your audience and what your customers want to eat is vital.  If you prepare the food improperly, add the wrong ingredients, or are missing key ingredients, the meal can be an utter disaster and nobody will want or eat the food. The same goes for business financing. You have to know which lenders want to finance your business and what they do, or don’t, want to see. Throwing random information to them or going ill-prepared can be disastrous. Business lenders are doing their due diligence to know if you, as the borrower, are legitimate, scam, worth the risk and/or have the ability to repay a business loan. Knowing what to present, how to present, and how to structure your business entity, and profile puts you in the best position for your optimal financing success. SEG Funding has the knowledge and expertise that you need to help you through this endeavor.

SEG Funding’s Review

SEG Funding’s research and review has shown that business loan approval rates dropped three-tenths of a percent at regional and community banks in Jan 2019. Small bank approvals dropped a full percentage point from 50% in December 2018 to 49% in January 2019. Small business lending did not have a major impact during the government shutdown. SEG Funding top priority is and continues to be to working with SBA lenders to approve and process small business loans to get capital into the hands of the businesses that need it. But not all SBA Lenders underwriter and fund the same way with the same criteria.

The state of business lending and funding is ever-changing. New laws are passed, updated business practices are put in place, and entrepreneurs are starting businesses every day. The loan approval percentage for small business credit applicants hit a record high of 27.2 percent at big banks ($11 billion+ in assets) in February 2019. “After two months at an even 27 percent, the approvals by big banks climbed a bit at big banks in February. Overall, the cost of capital is relatively low, small businesses are looking to secure funding, and for many companies, recent financial performances have made them creditworthy borrowers.” The Federal Reserve has slowed its trend of incremental interest rate hikes, which is good news for borrowers. Alternative lenders have recently risen in popularity, entrepreneurs will go back to relying on traditional bank loans more than they were last year. Local banks especially are looking to deliver funding with fewer roadblocks and greater speed, more dollars will be going to manufacturing companies, early-stage businesses and rural businesses in particular.

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