Truth-All set out to prove fashion doesn’t need to cost us the earth

Singapore, Jun 9, 2019 ( – Truth&All launches a new Sustainable Eyewear company set to take on the big fashion brands by proving sustainable fashion is not only possible; it is accessible, available and now better.

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Entrepreneurs Gemma Vincent and David Hearn set up the socially conscious company after a trip to Malaysia where they experienced plastic pollution first hand. Fast forward nine months and they are here, launching on World Oceans Day with an eyewear range that not only helps you look good, but also feel good, and do good. While buying eyewear may feel like a small decision they set about making sure it had a massive impact.

Most companies talk about sustainability. Talk is cheap. They may even release an eco-range but the core of the business remains. Truth&All’s foundation is goodness. It is baked in. It has the heart. Which is why they decided that recycling plastics was only half the answer. It doesn’t change behavior. It solves nothing in the long run. It doesn’t stop the plastic flow. It just alters the end state. A quote that stuck with them: “If your bathtub was overflowing, you wouldn’t immediately reach for a mop – you’d first turn off the tap. That’s what we need to do with single-use plastics”

Truth&All turned to Italy. And a company called Mazzucchelli who create a bio-based acetate. It is oil-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable while being as sturdy as its plastic competition. “Water, chemicals, oil, pesticides, and waste produced from the manufacture of fashion have a huge environmental impact. By hand-making our eyewear using
bio-based acetate we dramatically reduce this, so you can look good and feel good about your choice” Gemma Vincent, Co-founder.

The Eyewear is hand-made in Greece using 48 individual steps and 36 quality checkpoints. It is a family run business who participate in #imadeyoursunnies to protect the eyewear craft from mass-produced mold-based manufacturing. They are a socially responsible business and support fair wages and working conditions.

Truth&All has a giveback initiative. They commit to investing 15% of profits back into projects that deliver a more sustainable planet. They enlisted a committee of experts to help support in this space. In fact, they don’t have any shareholders to please except the people that buy them. And they openly ask for people to share projects they care about so every $ is spent responsibly.

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“When we started Truth&All, even back at the concept stage it was clear that it was more than a company. It was a movement. People jumped on the journey with us, even before we had product designs. Truth&All has meaning, and our products have heart, which is a much stronger fashion statement for people than any existing logo in market” David Hearn – Co-founder

They have sweated the small stuff with everything. People bond with their sunnies so every case has a credit card section – turning it into a bag when you have your eyewear on. And a strap for additional security for the more advanced dance moves. The case, delivery box, cleaning cloth, even the cards they print on are recycled materials.
When you buy Truth&All you leave a positive impact on the planet. The Giveback
Guarantee makes sure that the company returns more than it takes. Changing the
planet one set of bloody gorgeous eyewear at a time.

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