Aspiring Artist Jayso Westside’s Music Video ‘Oh Yea Uhn Uhn’ has Attention-Grabbing Rap Verses

Jayso Westside Oh Yea Uhn Uhn Official Music Video

Tuscaloosa, Jun 10, 2019 ( – Jayso Westside is one of the well-known independent hip-hop and rap artists whose wave of music is known as Dunker music. Since his childhood days, he started rapping and he has chosen to make his career in music. He loves to compose music of hip-hop and rap genre. His tracks have amazing musicality and lyricism that is driving the listeners crazy. His music video ‘Oh Yea Uhn Uhn’ is directed by TrapWithDaCam. The rap verses and flow of music in the track is captivating.  Each verse in the music video has something new in it. Instrumentation in Jayso Westside‘s track is creating a beautiful ambiance. The delivery of his track is slightly offbeat and his bar helps to build a definite sense of identity which is undoubted stands out among all.

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Jayso Westside‘s excitement, imagination, and love for music are clearly highlighted in the music video ‘Oh Yea Uhn Uhn’. The verses in the track are mildly hypnotic. The track has some positive energy and bounce in the vocal work. The four chord in the track loops and running throughout. The beat in the track is quite easy to enjoy and the track is quite refreshingly memorable.  The whole thing in the track connects with the listeners in a beautiful way. The music video ‘Oh Yea Uhn Uhn’ is easily memorable and it is refreshingly simple. The track is marvelous and the good vibes in it drive the musicality. The whole track is executed in a professional and genuine way. The music and vocal softness present a decidedly different approach.

Jayso Westside‘s music video ‘Oh Yea Uhn Uhn‘ is hard-hitting and is fairly calming. The riff of the instrument loops out and surrounds the listeners in a beautiful way. The vocal delivery in this music video is quite confident. The music in the track is a fine way to escape. The lyrics in the track highlight the personal struggle and unwavering meandering emotions.  The track ‘Oh Yea Uhn Uhn’ has touches of classic and modern hip-hop music. The music in the track bridges the gap between the artist and the listeners. The instrumental work in the track is simple yet effective and the opening lines in the track drive it well. If you are looking for his other music video then you must tune to the video streaming site YouTube. For more updates about his upcoming music videos and events, you need to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.  

Jayso Westside- Oh Yea Uhn Uhn (Official Music Video)

Source : Jayso Westside

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