Film Festival Q-A With Auteur Filmmaker Phoenix Quwais

Los Angeles, Jun 9, 2019 ( – On the eve of the Near Nazereth Film Festival in Israel, renowned auteur filmmaker Phoenix Quwais decided on an impromptu interview. Upset that he wasn’t able to attend in person but sending his best wishes, the ever-brash and impulsive creative insisted on speaking his mind as he so often does. A more handsome and svelt,  black Orson Welles, the following is an excerpt from that candid and colourful interview.

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BD: For those not in the know, tell us who Phoenix Quwais is?

PH: The most gifted creative mind in this business today, and the most creative out of the creatives. I’m being copied and plagiarized by wannabes and stupid little so-called creatives in Hollywood and elsewhere.

BD: We’re sensing hostility?

PQ: And you’d be sensing right. I see lame so-called creatives in Hollywood. I see nothing new, just a bunch of old bullshit rehashed a thousand times. I see wannabes trying to be something they ain’t. I see stars whose star has waned still trying to keep their careers going. I see literary agents aiding plagiarism. I see Warner Bros greenlighting bullshit movies and okaying strange casting choices; the most recent being one of the Twilight twinks being cast as Batman. I didn’t like Ben Affleck as Batman and I’m not gonna like this guy neither I wanna see the fourth instalment of Nolan’s Batman with Bale as the Batman. And while we’re on the subject of Warner Bros, why the hell are Superman movies being made without the beloved Superman theme tune these days, anyway?

BD: We don’t know, but you are right. Let’s talk about your film, Stultus Nothi and the festival circuit. Why Israel?

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PQ: Well, I like Israel and I like Israelis. I spent some time in a Jewish neighbourhood in Brooklyn and took a liking to them. Also, Hollywood is traditionally a business controlled by Jews, so I guess it’s a sycophantic move on my part, but not that sycophantic because back in the days before Mecca, Muslims used to pray in the direction of Jerusalem. Israel is a part of everyone’s heritage be they a Jew, Christian or Muslim.

BD: Tell us about Stultus Nothi?

PQ: Avante-Garde filmmaking. A low-budget feature documentary spectacle highlighting the growing Hispanic problem in the United States.

BD: Can you elaborate further on that?

PQ: Hispanics; Mexicans and El Salvadorians specifically are the biggest threat to American society and the American way of life. They think they control the streets in America and think that they can push people around without them pushing back.

BD: Your film highlighted this issue well, but many say it’s a racist and divisive spectacle. Your thoughts?

PQ: It’s not racism if it’s the truth. If truth causes division then so be it. The division is as much a part of America’s history as Old Glory itself.

BD: This film aside from being racially charged is also in certain aspects, political. Why so?

PQ: Politics affects everybody. If you have an opinion on a political candidate or how the country should be governed, you’re involved in politics. We’re involved in politics every day and in most things we do. I don’t want to get philosophical and delve too deeply into it, because that’s a whole other interview.

BD: You also expressed some dangerous views in regards to LAPD officers and alleged that they were helping Hispanic drug gangs control drug turf in LA. Can you tell us more about that?

PQ: They do and they are and have been for quite some time. Furthermore, they’ve pushed black people out of traditionally black areas like Compton, Watts and South Central. I myself have been the subject of their corruption and been a target for many Hispanic death threats and threats by corrupt officers of false arrest and imprisonment. I had one idiot in LAPD threaten me with being busted for “Routine Possession”. In other words, he’d plant cocaine on me to bust me. They’re rats scurrying around a sewer.

BD: What are your career plans for the future?

PQ: More films. Another feature documentary like Stultus Nothi is frolicking in my mind along with fantasies of Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Stewart of course. And definitely, more narrative features if I can get the financing.

BD: And since we’re talking about actresses suddenly, what ye think of Gal Gadot since we’re talking about Israel and Nazereth?

PQ: Wonder Woman? I think she needs a tuna melt or pizza to put some curves in the right places. She’s too skinny for my taste.

BD: What is your taste?

PQ: I think Kristen Stewart would satisfy my discerning pallet for a long time. Scarlett Johannson under my sheets would be utopian. And Jen Aniston would be regal because she is Hollywood royalty after all and I view myself as a king anyway. Then maybe throw in some Zoe Kravitz to complete this concoction and it would be the best shit ever!

BD: Thank you for that. Any other parting words?

PQ: America needs a southern border wall built pronto and secured by National Guard troops. The Democrats with the exception of Bill Clinton and Obama can teabag my balls one at a time starting with Casio watch Cortez and Beto O’Rourke. Pelosi should be ashamed of herself. Obama shoulda pardoned, Marcus Garvey. And Bill Maher should, Deniro also, shows some respect to the President. Cussing out the President should incur criminal penalties culminating in imprisonment and or a public scourging on Pennsylvania Avenue.

BD: Phoenix Quwais, always a pleasure.

PQ: Shalom!

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