The Enigmatic Lyrical and Rhythmic Tunes in Uncle Tony’s ‘King Cheefa’ Is an Exemplary of Hip-Hop

King Cheefa

Fort Worth, Jun 9, 2019 ( – The rustic undertones to upcoming artist Uncle Tony‘s newly released track ‘King Cheefa‘ is contemporary lines of freedom of speech laid down in orderly mayhem of musical interpretations. His cultural and personal expressions that come together in a beautiful musical arrangement in ‘King Cheefa‘s thematic depiction is pronounced all the more profoundly as the song dissolves into a compelling mix of lyrical extravaganza. Uncle Tony‘s abilities to turn the monotony of existential crisis to a verse of culturally affluent musical parallelism are already making the hip-hop scene take notice of him.

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Born in Chicago but currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas, Uncle Tony‘s musical interpretations follow the lines of various genres. He identifies himself as a true R&B advocate with an edgy gangsta vibe. However with ‘King Cheefa’ he did not shy away from culturing hip-hop and its glorious essence. He describes his sound like a soulful blend between old and new school, a conceptual interpretation that makes his style and lyricism all the more distinct. Uncle Tony‘s tryst with music and its bigger than life definitions has found a path to attain salvation with his lyrical structures.

Working under the label name All Hustle No Sleep Ent, Uncle Tony‘s life has been profoundly influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Johnnie Taylor, and Bobby Womack among others who have inspired him to create his own musical entourage. With inspirations from Rakim, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dog, he formulated his gangster hip-hop sound and lyricism that culminated into where he is right now. Be a part of hip-hop’s placid flow into the musical streams of global music by following him on Spotify and Facebook right away.

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