The Groovy Beats to Lavelle’s ‘Wasting Energy’ Imbibes a Lyrical Progression of Harmonic Poetry

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Willetton, Jun 9, 2019 ( – The traversing scope of hip-hop in the backdrop of socio-political evolution has always been one of the most significant forms of creative expressions. Upcoming Perth Rapper Lavelle who is treading the parallel path of alternative hip-hop is conceptualizing lyrical arrangements with his effortless rapping skills that are accentuated by infinite loops of rhythmic patterns and their unexpected modulations. His newly released debut track ‘Wasting Energy‘ in production collaboration with JustSick and Korey Cole is a harmonious blend between captivating lyrical exuberance and musical artistry. ‘Wasting Energy‘ imbibes the best soulful emotions of individualistic interpretations along with cultural references of contemporary convolutions.

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Hailing from Australia, 17-year-old Trejean Lavelle Hammond, who goes by the stage name Lavelle, tracks back his tryst with music since a very young age. Citing his mother and her unadulterated engrossment in music and poetry that would later instigate his own freedom to express through his melodic and lyrical outspokenness, Lavelle has always hailed her as his biggest impetus and inspiration for his tasteful musical instincts. However, it was much later in his life that his cousin rooted in him the predilection to create art that he can call his own. After an impactful turning point with his first exposure to Kanye West songs, Lavelle finally gave in and came out with his first amateur musical effort with ‘Dat Life’.

Working with production label Goonie Records, Lavelle‘s other single ‘Weary Care’ is also doing its rounds as a popular hip-hop rendition in the contemporary scene. His debut mixtape ‘Talk Later’ is already in works and due for a release this September. A true artist with a reformative edge in the making, Lavelle is rapidly making his inspirations and personal perceptions come in line with the lyrical settings of his songs. Follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to witness the cultural evolution of alternative hip-hop glory like never before.

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