Verses in Renowned Female Rapper Miss R Lee’s Tracks are Well Crafted

Miss R Lee

London, Jun 10, 2019 ( – BGR – Miss R Lee is a 28 years old female artist who is rocking the music industry with his outstanding performance. At the age of 11, she started writing songs. Her songs are of anger management and developed it into grime bars when it got to secondary school. She had a lot of underground experiences and she composes all kinds of music. Her main aim is to keep it real and hard-hitting or light and bubbly.  Her music is personal, political and quite chilled, relax and hyper. Her music always depends on her mood and what she is thing off. Life is the biggest inspiration for her composing music. BGR – Miss R Lee‘s tracks have some fantastic lyrics along with an intricate rhyme scheme and flow of music.

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The lyrics in BGR – Miss R Lee‘s track ‘Irate‘ keeps the listeners captivated. The music and the vocal work in the track keep the listeners engrossed from the start till the end. The track is unpredictable yet beautifully executed. Every element in the track is well crafted and connects with the listeners in a beautiful way. Each verse in the track has something new to convey which gives it a fresh look.

The instrumentation and lyrical work in independent female rap star BGR – Miss R Lee‘s track ‘So Called Friends‘ is perfectly done. The whole thing in her track is structurally and emotionally connected. To listen to songs you need to tune to Spotify. For more updates follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Rising Artist  Miss R LeeIrate by Miss R LeeSo Called Friends by Miss R Lee

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