Artist J. Bo Continues to Wow the Public with his Latest Music Video ‘No Shade’

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Charlotte, Jun 11, 2019 ( – If you have been waiting for a new face to dominate the hip-hop industry, the wait is over, as the captivating new artist J. Bo just kick-started everyone summer with his brand new music video ‘No Shade (Official Video)‘.  Hailing from Charlotte, NC this artist had been creating hits since the year 2011; however, it wasn’t until his recent release ‘No Shade (Official Video)’, did the artist receive real appreciation.  J. Bo seems to be taking the genre do hip-hop to a whole new monumental level with the rhythmic fusions and the ingenious beat that he seems to have incorporated in his new music clip. Apart from the artist, the production house Wins Over Losses Entertainment LLC, did a tremendous job in enhancing the authenticity of the music clip ‘No Shade (Official Video)’. The artist J. Bo along with the collaboration of the label launched an evergreen video of all time.

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Coming to the visual of the music video ‘No Shade (Official Video)’, it signifies a barren uninhabited place probably by the rail tracks followed by featuring the artist in restless city life. The images used in the video all have a symbolic significance incorporated into it, which lays in perfect synchronization with the ambience of the video. The depth of the vocals of the artist enhances the gloominess and lack of inspiration for human life. At certain places in ‘No Shade (Official Video)’ the artist is portrayed larger than life, rising up and above the city buildings which otherwise indicate that even though the rough journey of life, J. Bo continued his passion for music without giving up.  The artist wants his listeners and audience to get inspired by his latest video as he wants to make a positive impact on the people lives through his music.

Similar to the visuals, the audio of the music video ‘No Shade (Official Video)’ ticks all the boxes and thereby can easily be recorded as the best creation of J. Bo yet. The industrial style hip-hop with the passionate energy of the artist guiding it throughout makes it rejuvenating and pleasant to hear. J. Bo holds nothing back and can give any established artist of the music industry a run for their money with his spectacular performance. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.    

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