Collateralized Loan Obligations – A Sneak Preview By CASDAQ Trading

New York City, Jun 10, 2019 ( – With growing popularity amongst institutional investors such as pension funds, hedge funds and insurance companies, investment grade noteholders in Collateralized Loan Obligations seeking yield are flocking to the table. CASDAQ Trading has discovered volume in the trade of such instruments is nearing comparability to Collateralized Debt Obligations volume levels back in 2008.

Indeed, the structure of Collateralized Loan Obligations is similar to Collateralized Debt Obligations. Both pool various loans to create synthetic debt coupon like investments. Investors participate by acquiring a tranche of the underlying interest and principal cash flows from the portfolio of the bundled loans. A set order exists by which investor participants get repaid first and which ones bear the most losses, and thus allocating risk differentially.

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Collateralized Loan Obligations are designed to increase the leverage of a portfolio of debt. In other words, they are structured to be safer because rather than like the subprime mortgage Collateralized Debt Obligations which were the primary cause of the 2008 / 2009 financial crisis, Collateralized Loan Obligations repackage a more diversified bundle of loans.

CASDAQ Trading ascertained, corporate and leveraged loans in addition to both consumer credit, automobile and student loans are the type of loans bundled. As many CASDAQ traders will advise you, diversification is an important and market positive investment factor.

We here at CASDAQ Trading are aware Collateralized Loan Obligations tend to be associated with volatility, but in fairness, through-cycle performance has been robust. Indeed, investors can reap rewards from a strategy that tactically allocates across the various Collateralized Loan Obligation tranches. However, given the depth of complexity of this particular asset class, CASDAQ Trading certainly advocates investors in this type of investment strategy should in the first instance, source the appropriate resources and expert advice in order to evaluate collateral, structure and the investment style of the collateral manager managing the Collateralized Loan Obligation.

In the prevailing low yield environment, CASDAQ Trading believes that a strategy that tactically invests across mezzanine, CLO debt and CLO equity is an attractive way for investors to increase risk-adjusted return potential.

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By way of a warning, seek the appropriate investment advice before considering whether this particular asset class matches your risk v reward portfolio objectives. For that advice look no further than CASDAQ Trading specialist CLO traders for unbiased and impartial advice.

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