Instrumental work in aspiring artist SIR COG’s tracks is perfectly crafted

Music Artist  SIR COG

Garland, Jun 10, 2019 ( – SIR COG is an influential Dallas, Texas Emcee paving the way from standard Dallas hip-hop. His music has the touches of 90’s and 2000s hip-hop music. J prince influenced him a lot as he started the rap music in the Southern States from Texas. His tracks are produced under the record label of Testimonial Kingdom Recordings, Barz & Strypez Music production house.  He is presently working on his new music project “S1K Millennium” Is On The Way Next, I Say It Should Be Wrapped Up” which will be available on September to October 2019. The track is filled with the more classic and natural tone from the dawn of the genre. The short and rhythmic lines in the track ‘Hate Me Now, Love Me Later‘ from the album ‘Underground Franchise’ from the starting point keeps the listeners captivated.

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The musicality in SIR COG‘s track ‘Hit List’ from the album ‘Underground Franchise’ is calming and hopeful. The track builds a strong connection between the artist and the audience. Thus, it increasingly gathers the momentum and intensity throughout. The track maintains a fine balance between intensity and simple good energy that works well throughout.

SIR COG‘s track ‘Symbolic’ from the album ‘Underground Franchise‘ is rhythmically entrancing and the sound in the track works beautifully. The continuous movement of the track creates a refreshing effect.  There is sheer strength of music and lyricism at every step in the track. You can easily listen to his songs by tuning to Spotify. For more updates about his upcoming music and events follow him on Facebook.  

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