Music Video ‘Stand Down’ under the Record Label JLC A.A.G. RECORDS is Well Thought-Out

Stand Down

Dallas, Jun 11, 2019 ( – Iam Me, JLC, Lil Lo, YoungMega under the record label JLC A.A.G. RECORDS produced their music video ‘Stand Down’. Through this music video, they portray some real-life experiences. In this track, they inspire people to live their life whether they have a good or bad experience because this will help them to have better future. Among all the artist lam Me receives the huge credit for sparking the idea. This music video ‘Stand Down‘ is directed by P and his contribution is also appreciated as he chose the location and theme.  In every way, the track maintains a proper balance of all the hip-hop elements. The hook in this music video is terrific and likely. The video is captured in a perfect place and theme matches with it completely.  The track has ear soothing lyrics and music which keeps the listeners absorbed.

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The track instrumentation in the music video ‘Stand Down‘ under the record label JLC A.A.G. RECORDS creates a blissful ambiance. Their performance and creativity in the track create a great impact on the audience. At every step, the intensity keeps on rising and high energy in it makes it even more entertaining. In the opening moment, the voices are incredibly soothing which sets the mood of the track. Tune in the music video loops out and surrounds the listeners in a beautiful way. Sound and notes provoke deep thoughts and there is an intense yet compelling level of escapism. The music video ‘Stand Down‘ is produced in a stunning way. If you talk about the beat in the music video then it is highly entertaining. In the latter half of the track, the energy level is quite high.

The underlying sentiments in the music video ‘Stand Down‘ under the record label JLC A.A.G. RECORDS are clearly highlighted in the track. The music video has some unexpected sound and the track has perfect finishing. The track has compelling, limitless and unwavering music. The continuous movement and change in the rhythm maintain its uniqueness. The unique rap verses in the music video ‘Stand Down‘ keep the listeners mesmerized. The vibe in the music video is quite satisfying. The beats in the music video are perfectly tuned and have excellent instrumentation.  Their music video on YouTube received a large number of plays and you can watch it by visiting this video streaming site. You can get updates about the music produced under this record label by following on Instagram and Twitter.

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Source :JLC, Lil Lo, Iam Me, YoungMega

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