Versatile Ohio Rapper YM Makeshift Needs Special Attention for His Singles

Rapper YM Makeshift

Ohio, Jun 10, 2019 ( – The contemporary hip hop and rap music industry has become a very competitive zone with new artists dropping their projects now and then in sound Cloud. This has not only raised competition but also made it difficult for music lovers to find out something new and exotic. If you are one amongst those hip hop lovers who are craving for fresh and vibrant compositions, get into the music gallery of Ohio rapper Michael Bland aka YM Makeshift. He might be new in the field but his tracks are no less than any iconic rappers in the game. Makeshift has by now dropped an album titled ‘District Zero’ that can be regarded as a mixed bag of rap tracks that are poignant, melodious and has the best of lyrics.

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Hailing from Lucas, YM Makeshift how to live and lead life amidst all the struggles. He has the sportsman spirit to tackle very hard situations and this is what gets reflected into his music pieces. The opening track ‘Amphetamines with Ketamine‘ is the perfect track to boost your mood while the second track ‘essence’ is blended with sensational music score and erotic lyrics.  ‘Jodicy’ is another track by Makeshift in which he presents R&B music in a completely new form.  ‘With No kiss’ is a gritty rap narration where Makeshift spits his heart out. This track proves his mastery in the art of rapping. ‘Slipknot’ is one of the most exciting singles of the album where the versatile artist has literally taken the rhythmic rapping to the next level. The last track of the album ‘District Zero’ is ‘1998’ and this is probably the single that defines new wave rap music.

YM Makeshift is active in Instagram and you can have a look at his interesting page at Stay tuned to SoundCloud for his upcoming new projects.

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