CoinPOS Device About to Be Launched, Securities Era Is Coming

Novokusnezk, Jun 12, 2019 ( – With the development of CoinPOS’s global node recruitment program, its most important application, CoinPOS smart terminal equipment, will be launched in Southeast Asia. This securities system is equipped with the advantages of blockchain technology, i.e. decentralization, no tampering and smart contract. After three months of research and development, the CoinPOS prototypes and PASS cards have repeatedly appeared in the activities organized by different node communities.

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Compared with regions with a higher degree of the Internet, such as the US, Europe, and China, there is a greater user potential in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and India. The CoinPOS Foundation believes that Southeast Asia is more suitable as the equipment’s first listing area.

Southeast Asian countries have a large population and the fact that many people don’t have bank accounts nor even the concept to deposit money in a bank is an important reason. The infrastructure for all services in CPOS applications is financial payment and smart terminal securities focused on general users. We can fill the gap in the financial payment market in Southeast Asia through services. This is a very meaningful starting point, as financial payments account for less than 4% of the total retail sales in Southeast Asia. By 2020, the output value of Internet finance technology services in Asia is expected to reach US$72 billion. There is still room for market development in Southeast Asia.

Financial technology companies in countries such as Vietnam mainly provide three kinds of services: digital payment, personal finance, and corporate finance, among which digital payment includes mobile payment, POS payment, and online platform payment. This is highly compatible with the application scenario of CPOS as an intelligent terminal platform in the blockchain field. Vietnam uses cloud computing and big data in technology applications, while its advantage in cutting-edge technology is in the blockchain. The main application is a cryptocurrency, which is a government-approved landing scene.

Thailand’s exploration of blockchain compliance is pioneering, and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has issued an ICO portal license. Although CPOS, as a global decentralized node project, does not require ICO, the perfect blockchain system is more conducive to the promotion and development of CoinPOS in Southeast Asia.

CoinPOS is built through smart securities terminals: 1. Blockchain securities financial system; 2. Blockchain payment system; 3. Blockchain financial service system.

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The CoinPOS intelligent terminal is both hardware and software. Each CoinPOS device will connect with our platform and blockchain network through CoinPOS Plugins to create a global point-to-point offline service network. The blockchain applications of different industries in various backgrounds are connected to build a true decentralized securities platform. In the future, all payment platforms will be opened through CoinPOS intelligent terminals, which is imperative for promoting the healthy development of the entire blockchain industry.

CoinPOS plans to spend the next two years building an extensive coverage of convenience stores, shopping malls, retail shops, chain outlets, cafe, restaurants and other outlets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc. to achieve the three purposes of circulation, use and payment, thus truly leading the entire industry into the public securities era.

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