The Enigmatic Type Uno is Creating New Heights with his Latest Hip Hop Music Video ‘No Questioning’

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Los Angeles, Jun 12, 2019 ( – The multitalented hip-hop recording artist Type Uno is back with another of his captivating music video ‘No Questioning‘ and it is anything but simple and boring. The artist whose real name is Robert Anacker is classical hip-hop artist who had been playing the genre of hip-hop and perfecting his skills for a long time. The artist had a deep passion to be a member of the entertainment industry and it didn’t take him long the turn into reality. Robert Anacker acquired the stage name Type Uno during his first couple of years and ever since then never looked back. His knowledge of the entertainment industry made it easy for him to handle various genres of music assisting him to develop creative music videos like ‘No Questioning‘.

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The music representation ‘No Questioning’ shows the raw energy and the innovative style the artist Type Uno. The distinctive rhythms incorporated by the artist helps him in attracting major music industrialists and enthusiasts all over the world. Right from the school days, Type Uno has mastered several techniques of mixing, recording and engineering music on his own which has helped him develop as a professional artist over the years. The music video ‘No Questioning’ has been given a real professional hip-hop touch by J Philly, who is responsible for the production of the video.  The clip kick starts with multiple sections being displayed in a single video. The artist brings on a contagious level of confidence which will get many people hooked to the video.

 The compositional structure of the music video holds no comparison in the industry. The intense vocals of the artist Type Uno bring out a self-assurance and poise that would motivate others to have to take inspiration from the artist. Being a hip-hop music clip, ‘No Questioning’ has a groovy soundscape which is perfectly aligned with the backdrop of the video. Even though it is as an explicit creation, the artist has incorporated a moral along with it. The beats and the bass bring in a vibe that alone is sultry enough to get anyone moving in the dance floor. You can now connect with this fabulous artist Type Uno through Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.  

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