Verses of Contemporary Hip-hop are Being Created and Told Differently with Dre P.’s Soundscape

Music Artist  Dre P

Atlanta, Jun 12, 2019 ( – The splendor of hip-hop and its neo-thematic depiction on various trajectories of life have been captured with the right spirit by artist Dre P. and his incredible lineage of hip-hop stained musical ventures that already have the audience groove to their creative congeniality. His newly released tracks ‘Trap Girl‘, ‘The Mudd‘, and ‘Big Ma‘ are big in their groovy wonder but maintains cordial comprehensibility of lyrical and musical freedom.

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Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Dre P.‘s crossover style between his avatars as a musician, actor, and fashion creator have made his style a distinctive take on the known territories of hip-hop. Getting featured in iconic artist 2 Pac’s biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ made his professional and stage confidence to increase manifold. As the CEO of the record label Fly Guy Entertainment Co., his musical entourage comprises of the best hip-hop grooves that the world is currently hooked on to right now. His stage name ‘The Mudd’ or ‘Mud City’ is a heartfelt tribute to the baseball team Toledo Mud Hens.

Dre P. is currently based out of Atlanta and he is parallelly upscaling his prepping flairs for Big brother Detroit or ‘The D’. His past and growing up years along the lines of life’s cruel erudition and cultural blends have influenced him to collect the fragmented pieces of music and give it an identity of its own. With hip-hop as the foundational flavor to his style, he also comprises strains of dubstep and R&B in his dynamic song list including ‘In Ther’, ‘The D’, and ‘Tellin Lies’ among numerous others. Follow him on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to experience musical intelligence and its undulating laterals like never before.

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