World’s First Membership-based Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitroom is going online

Hong Kong, Jun 12, 2019 ( – In recent years, blockchain technology has been widely loved by users because it is open, immutability, and pursuing transparency. However, in the process of digital asset investment, information asymmetry and opaque phenomena often appear. The most direct victims are the majority of investors. user. Therefore, in order to fully protect the interests of investors, cryptocurrency exchanges have gradually enriched functions, services, and products, trying to become the pioneer of the industry.

Recently, World’s First Membership-based cryptocurrency Exchange Bitroom has completed all internal testing work. Bitroom will be officially launched in late June 2019.

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Based on the experience of traditional exchange operations, Bitroom Exchange is more focused on the construction of the underlying technology platform and the guarantee of safe operation. In terms of cryptocurrency wallet security, system stability, and standardization of service processes, it supplements some of the problems existing in current digital currency exchanges and maximizes the protection of investors’ interests.

Bitroom’s management team is made up of elites in the Internet finance industry. They are also early fans of the blockchain industry. They have rich experience in investing in international finance, the Internet, and blockchain digital currencies. Bitroom has a strong product development team and an experienced operations and marketing team.

Bitroom is committed to creating a cryptocurrency trading platform with perfect experience. Bitroom will actively find high-quality projects, select high-quality digital currency projects, and contribute to the blockchain industry, providing investors with more substantial returns.

  Bitroom’s advantages and innovations

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  • the first “membership” model.

Bitroom will select and introduce high-quality blockchain projects around the world. Providing members with better market investment options, better experience and more high return opportunities.

On the Bitroom exchange, every member has an equal opportunity to participate in the investment of early quality projects. Bitroom will protect the member’s investment income and returns most of the exchange’s revenue to the members.

  • Open and Transparent

Bitroom is committed to creating an open and transparent cryptocurrency trading platform. The distribution method of platform token is transparent, the circulation of platform currency are transparent, the platform trading is transparent, and mining of platform Proof of Stake (PoS) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) nodes is transparent. Every behaviour of the project party and the community is well documented in the blockchain, making the transaction process auditable, traceable, immutability, and truly transparent.

  • Innovative ITO mode

ITO (Initial Trust Offering) includes three important aspects: fund-raising, Token distribution, and fund return. The ITO model is open and transparent and 80% of the funds raised will be returned to the user and can be verified. This model allows the project side and the user to reach a consensus, which is a good solution to the problem of mutual trust.

Under the current development situation of digital assets, Bitroom cryptocurrency exchange is the first to break the situation that the project party and the user have not reached a consensus. It is a forward-looking innovation, perfect supporting service, innovative product design, and characteristic operation mode. The first mover advantage will have a strong impact on existing exchanges.

According to reports, Bitroom has a clear plan for the future layout, and will soon launch more good news, which makes people have more expectations for the future of Bitroom.

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