Both Big Prodeje, Young Prodeje and South Central Cartel has Made the Splendid ‘LOL’ and ‘2 Da West’


Los Angeles, Jun 12, 2019 ( – Music can be a great treat for your ear and the amazing musicians Big Prodeje, Young Prodeje and South Central Cartel will make you happy. Their “LOL” and “2 Da West” will turn your day into a beautiful one. The group Big Prodeje, Young Prodeje is also known by the name Prodeje Project. The two members of the legendary West Coast Rap Group South Central Cartel are really nice. The music they have come with is specially treated with different kinds of instruments. The wonderful lyrics and the magnetic style can land you to a different place. The exceptional thrill which is projected in the music is superb.

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The production house they belong under is HG Productions and Hood Good Music. The musicians are now doing rounds on Spotify. The songs “2 Da West” and “LOL” are made in the most pleasant way with the remarkable usage of attractive instruments. The superb enigma which is made in the music will turn your day into a happy one. Basically, the music “LOL” is a mesmerizing anthem about existing through hard situations. The thrill and the energy which is made in the music are really entertaining. Their song is influenced by the 90’s era and they are finishing one of their best album. They have their latest events on 14th June at Original Mikes in Santa Ana. The beat they have come with is natural and the perfect flow in it will make you feel fresh. If you want to hear their expressive music, you must turn towards Spotify.



2 Da West :

2 Da West

Source :Big Prodeje and Young Prodeje, South Central Cartel

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