The Wizard Robotics Entrepreneur With Innovative Technologies To Enhance Lives

Bentsur Joseph

Tel Aviv, Jun 13, 2019 ( – The concept of the robot has been around since antiquity in some form or other. Early legends of automata existed in Greek and Roman fables but basic mechanical ‘robots’ were designed and built in China and Greece.

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The modern concept of robots wouldn’t appear until the Industrial Revolution with the notion of the android (humanoid robot) coming into existence in 20th Century film and sci-fi literature. Since then many engineers have worked tirelessly to improve and, in some cases, redefine robotics, and this Israeli smart inventor “Bentsur Joseph” is just one of them.

The CEO and the founder of A2Z Advanced Solutions Company Bentsur Joseph is a genius of a man who is focused on disrupting the industry by creating a new market, reinventing the technology and business model – which essentially is what defines disruptive innovation. What separates this impactful entrepreneur-led tech inventor is that he has excelled in sustaining innovation on his road to become a respective category leader and a disrupter already.

Bentsur Joseph who believes that we’ll get to a point where robots outperform humans on a variety of manual tasks, leaving us free to do the things we enjoy more and are better at, including work that requires creativity or compassion. Little by little, we’re stepping into a new dawn of robotics–and it’s something to look forward to, rather than dread.

Bentsur Joseph has said that their company is eyeing on innovative ways available to improve the life-saving products for wars. He believes that with the use of life-saving technology solutions in the robotics as well as other electronic equipment used by security forces, it will become possible to reduce the number of casualties in a war to a great extent. With the help of his idea, it will be easy to cope with dangerous situations in war zones.

This wizard inventor and his company have been an Israeli Defense technology and service provider for over 30 years. Over the course of their long-standing relationship with the MOD, they have developed an in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of the Defense sector and its technology requirements. Through the development of cutting edge innovative solutions, they are helping to shape a new world and transform how people live, work, communicate and fight wars.

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Bentsur Joseph is stressing on the idea of using unmanned robotics in war machinery as the Middle East conflict has been resulting in the killing of Israeli soldiers in various attacks. His idea impressed the Israeli military and it has agreed for the use of remote-controlled technology solution in the military to save lives of its soldiers.

Bentsur also has many other products for military and civilian use, as well as is the holder of multiple patents, many of which have been successfully commercialized and sold. He has also run some of Israeli’s most prestigious companies, public and private, and has an impressive track record. One of the companies he ran, Comfy Interactive, was eventually purchased by a division of The Walt Disney Corporation.

Having pivoted from strictly military to civilian applications as well, Bentsur and his company are working on several projects to bring the know-how and the ingenuity behind the robotic and other products they have successfully created for the past three-plus decades to a much wider, civilian market worldwide.

“The motive of our firm is to make use of the latest technologies available to devise innovative ways that can be applied in all the projects of today’s time” said Bentsur, “there’s nothing like saving lives, using robots, and using the lessons we’ve learned to make the planet a better place”,  he added.

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Source :A2Z Advanced Solutions Ltd.

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