The Young Artist STEPH SEPTEMBER Releases his New Track ‘ALL NIGHT’ Packed with Creativity


Miami, Jun 13, 2019 ( – Be it an over the top music enthusiasts or those escapists who use music to travel to a completely different dimension, every individual is familiar to the name of STEPH SEPTEMBER as he has been the subject of the latest gossip in the music industry owing to his sensation new hit  ‘ALL NIGHT‘.  This 24-year-old artist has been gathering quite the attention to himself with his compositions. Unlike many artists who have boxed themselves into one particular genre, STEPH SEPTEMBER experiments with various genres and therefore never fails to deliver fresh, innovating creations to the audience. Using his production house Around The Globe, this young individual turns his faceless thoughts into monumental creations.

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The track ‘ALL NIGHT’ has got an intoxicating vibe, captivating enough to get every music enthusiasts hooked to it during the very first go. What makes this track so unique on its own is the fact that STEPH SEPTEMBER breaks all rules of the present music regulations and introduces his styles and techniques making it authentic to the very core. STEPH who is also known as S.S to many of his fans, wanted o carte something unique, bringing about a new style in the music world and it can be said that he turned his dream into a reality with ‘ALL NIGHT’.  The track has a summertime vibe added to it by the artist himself.

Taking his influence from the genres of both hip-hop and pop, STEPH SEPTEMBER is known for his fusions around the world. Till now out of the four tracks he has created ‘ALL NIGHT’ has received the maximum appreciation from music lovers worldwide. The artist wants to share his experiences with people who have been going through the same ordeals. You can connect with this young artist through his social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.





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