Denying Women Abortions Can Hurt Their Health For Years

Denying Women Abortions Can Hurt Their Health For Years

Seattle, Jun 14, 2019 ( – Recent study conducted in California and San Francisco revealed that women who were denied abortion services experienced their health fared worse after five years. The study compared 380 women who had an abortion and 160 who tried to find abortion services but were denied due to various reasons.

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Women had a medical abortion in the first trimester or surgical abortion in the second trimester did not typically experience any complications in health even after 5 years. It was around the same.

There’s no strong evidence that could establish causes behind these findings of the study, however, medical experts are endeavoring to get down to the wire regarding the same.

Women who continued their pregnancy and went on having a baby majorly encountered health concerns such as joint pain, headaches, obesity, etc.

There had been an argument that pregnancy termination can harm women or lead to future health complications. The study conducted, however, contracted the traditional approach of looking at abortions & women. If women bought abortion pills from professional and acknowledged website such as onlineabortionpillrx, medications can be effective and safe in the long run.

Additionally, women who had had an abortion through either method did not experience mental health issues or depression in the long term. However, the situation in both classes disturbed women initially.

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While speaking to one of the researchers, he quoted that socioeconomic factors were taken into consideration with women who were involved in the study conducted. He further stated that the team observed even minute changes associated with the woman’s health.

Some researchers put forward a viewpoint that can potentially support the findings of the study. It suggests that women who encountered health concerns could be due to inadequate after-pregnancy care & depression due to continued pregnancy.

Additionally, it reinforces the medical facts that medical abortion through FDA approved abortion pills & surgical abortion through an acknowledged clinic/surgeon cannot have severe health complications unless the case is rare. Both methods of abortion are safe to end an unwanted or uneventful pregnancy and do not affect the woman or her fertility.

On the basis of findings, the study may propose to make abortion procedure legal if the case rejects services on the basis of safety concerns.

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