Hangang World Chairman Receives Special Award in 2019 International Medical Aesthetic Conference

Chairman of Hangang World Inc Lim Sun Teak receiving special award at the 2019 International Medical Aesthetics Conference in Seoul

Seoul, Jun 14, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Chairman of Hangang World Inc., Lim Sun Teak was awarded a special award in the 2019 International Medical Aesthetics Conference that happened in Seoul this month.

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Hangang World Inc. (led by CEO You Jae Chung) is a company specializing in the management and supervision of MOBICOINS, which is being developed by ISEA Foundation of the United Nations.

In the conference, Hangang World Inc. has decided to contribute 88,888 MOBICOINS, which is developed to fight poverty to the Asia Medical Aesthetic Exchange Association.

Currently, MOBICOINS is scheduled to be listed on the New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Block Quake which will be opening a Korean branch in July this year.

You Jae Chung, CEO of Hangang World announced at the 2019 International Medical Aesthetics Conference that “We will continue to lead the world in creating peace and eradicating poverty”.

MOBI Dollar has been announced a key currency by the United Nations and has been signed by numerous people all over the world.

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In line with the United Nation’s 2030 December U.N Agenda Inspection of the 17 main goals, MOBI dollar’s emission meditation committee will be dismissed after all releases in 2030.

Survival Money will be released globally through NGOs that recommended by the ISEA foundation and selected by the committee.

MOBI Dollar is a stable coin and a key currency of the cryptocurrency developed by U.N’s economic and social council advisory body ISEA Foundation through constant feedback from the international community.

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