Jeffery Leving Reunites Dad with Little Boy, Defeating Mother’s Attempts to Keep Them Apart

Chicago, Jun 13, 2019 ( – Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving will explain how he reunited a Chicago dad with his little boy after the mother badmouthed the father and risked jail time by keeping the boy from his dad, on the Dads Rights Legal Hour, Saturday, June 15th on Power 92.3 FM at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

Dad was always very involved in his son’s life. However, while representing himself in Court, the Court granted dad only very limited parenting time, supervised by the mother. Dad tried to make the most of the limited time he had with his son. However, according to Court records, the mother fought dad at every step and made it very difficult, and sometimes impossible, for dad to have even the limited time the Court ordered.  She reportedly sent dad insulting text messages suggesting, incorrectly, that he was not a good dad. “I feared that she did everything possible to try to alienate the little boy from his devoted father,” said Leving. 

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According to Court records, one day, the mother unilaterally decided, in violation of a Court Order, to deny dad any access to his son, not even a phone call. Refusing to allow the mother to keep his son from him, this desperate dad sought help from Dads Rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving, and he got it. 

Leving quickly put together his legal team, led by attorneys Andrey Filipowicz and Andrea Heckman, with investigative assistance from Detective Wayne Halick, to reunite dad with his little boy. The Leving Legal Team immediately filed a Petition to reunite dad and son and to hold the mother in contempt of Court for violating a Court Order, which could have resulted in her going to jail.

Leving went to trial and passionately argued before the Judge that dad and his little boy must be reunited, and that the feared parental alienation must stop. During the trial, the mother, despite lacking any evidence to support her claims, steadfastly maintained that dad should only have limited, supervised parenting time.

The Judge rejected the mother’s unsubstantiated claims about dad and agreed with Leving. The Judge ordered that dad and son be reunited immediately, and ordered local law enforcement to take action, if necessary, to prevent the mother from interfering with dad’s parenting time. Without Leving’s intervention, this little boy would have grown up without his father. Now, with dad back in his life, the little boy is beginning to thrive and has a bright future ahead of him.

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