Melodic Diversity in Andrew Thomas’ ‘(We Can’t All Be Perfect) Like You’ Is Ahead Of Its Times

We Cant All Be Perfect Like You

Prior Lake, Jun 14, 2019 ( – Pop’s characterization as one of the most widely cultivated genre categories out there has been in the creative radar of sustainable changes for years now. This distinctive progression of musical arrangements, rhythmic creativity, lyrical weight, and the innate essence of cultural freedom have been captured by upcoming artist Andrew Thomas and his incredible musical standards that is sweeping the audience off its feet. His newly released track (We can’t all be perfect) Like You’ is a tribute to the peppiness that pop presents as a differential flavor of its own. Nurturing the hooks and melodious chorus to (We can’t all be perfect) Like You’, Andre Thomas is expanding his artistry in the form of musical acceptance and deconstruction of melodic resurgence.

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Hailing from the suburbs of Minnesota, Andrew Thomas actively wears the shoes of a singer, songwriter, and producer who has presented to the world his lineage of EDM glazed pop numbers with two albums and an assortment of musical spectacles. ‘Back’, ‘Wait For You’, and ‘Reaching Out’ all present his brimming passion for music and its reformative stride.  His musical instincts took to a substantial fabrication back when he was 8 and the gradual growth resulted in him going forward with music’s greater purposes in an opinionated perspective.

As Andrew Thomas puts together the elements to reaching the epitome of musical excellence into one palate, his global growth is not far from reaching fulfillment. Transgressive with a lyrical splendor that tells stories of the contemporary streams of cultural, personal, and social dynamics, he is imbibing more of the sweet melodies of musical creativity. Be a part of this cultural introspection of pop music by following Andrew Thomas‘ work on Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and his own website right away.

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