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Denver, Jun 14, 2019 ( – Israel Morales aka CX-1 has earned fame in the music industry by the name Cyberattack. With his fantastic capability of mixing music, he has turned up in the music industry and earned his reputation. His tracks are mainly of Psytrance or Psychedelic Trance and progressive trance genre. His creativity and professionalism are well portrayed in music. Cyberattack’s track ‘CX-1 @ Be the rainbow! Camp be fundraiser 2019. Denver CO‘ rightfully connects to the underlying sentiments in a beautiful way. His instrumental work in the track fills every space and holds the listener’s attention tightly. The music in the track creates a dreamlike ambiance and loops out to drag your attention completely. The central vibrancy and the soundscape keep the listeners engrossed completely. Cyberattack’s track has something which is intensely uplifting. There change in the mood and organic emotion within the track.

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Cyberattack’s gorgeous performance adds even more humanity and emotions to the experience. There is the use of melody in both nostalgic and refreshing way. The music in the track ‘Cyberattack @ Burning FlipSide 2019 Progressive-Psytrance Set‘ is mesmerizing and wonderfully uplifting to escape from reality. The track is not monotonous but it has something new each time. All the elements in the track maintain a fine contrast between.

The creativity and professionalism are mixed together in Denver DJ artist Cyberattack‘s track ‘CX-1 @ Soulstyce a ritual dance‘ and gives it a fresh look. The music in the track weaves around the listeners in a hypnotic manner. The track is produced in a perfect way. The passion and skill are used in creating the mesmerizing soundscape for the audience. Listen to some of his tracks that you will to listen to are ‘CX-1 @ Metachromatism‘, ‘CX-1 @ Geologic‘, ‘CX-1 @ Bass Meowntain‘ and many others. You can get updates about his upcoming music by following Instagram and Facebook.


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