RnB and Rap Flavors alongside a Catchy Lyrical Flow in Joey Haynes’ ‘Blue Dream’ is a Musical Treat

Joey Haynes

Hempstead, Jun 14, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Characterized by the undulating dynamics of hip-hop, rap, and R&B, upcoming artist Joey Haynes‘ soundscape is a musical diversity. His newly released track ‘Blue Dream‘ is a contemporary rendition that captures the essence of modern love and inter-personal belongingness in all the right places. Creating and nurturing the growth of a viable relationship and its elemental steps to reaching substantiality is what ‘Blue Dream‘ conveys as its foundational lyrical theme. Joey Haynes utilizes the transgressive lines of his insightful soul and lays them down in a flow of thematic streams and musical mellifluousness.

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Hailing from Hempstead, New York, Joey Haynes, also known as Ghetto PopStar, has formulated his musical expressions with various genre strains adorning his song streams like droplets of eccentricity. His subtlety in creating art with musical strains of rap and R&B and also a few modulations of dance, EDM, and pop, his collective soundscape is synonymous with unity in diversity. Some of his other tracks including ‘Snakes’, ‘Badlands’, and ‘Broken’ imbibe the oneness of inspiration and soul-stirring revelations for the audience.

Working under the label name Paper Trail ent, Joey Haynes‘ hard work is finally paying off with the release of ‘Blue Dream‘. As he continues to spread communal joy through the known definitions of love, life, and intimacy, his stories will travel across the globe and into the hearts of millions. A journey that does not demarcate a line between any differentiations but brings together everyone under one glorious bond of musical pronouncement, Joey Haynes‘ work should definitely be checked out on his social media handles on Soundcloud and Instagram.

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Blue Dream by Joey Haynes

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