the Raw Energy of the Artist Bkbornn will Get You Hooked to his New Hip-Hop Track ‘Second Base’


New York City, Jun 14, 2019 ( – The world has changed drastically over the past few years, yet the love for hip-hop music has only grown over time and contributing some more authentic tracks to this genre is none other than the hip -hop artist Bkbornn. Being a hip-hop artist, Bkbornn doesn’t only want to uphold the proud tradition of the rappers all around the world but wants the genre to grow with his innovative creations. The artists had experienced many hardships during his early days and yet his passion for music never faded. Till now the artist had composed a total of 27 tacks till now each of which is captivating in its rhythmic structure.  

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The track ‘Second Base‘ launched by the artist has been widely appreciated by hip-hop loves due to its creativity and freshness of contemporary style which has been incorporated by the artist himself. Being based on the genre of hip-hop and rap this particular music composition had s been treated as a personal expression of the artist’s emotions. The melody with its intensity is sure to make any listener fall in love with the composition. Even though ‘Second Base’ is rap track, the melody is kept simple as the vocals of the artist Bkbornn lays in contrast with the soundscape of the song. 

The evolvements of the artist can be easily understood since his first track lays in a wide difference with his latest release ‘Second Base’. The professionalism shown by the artist is truly praised worthy. There is a perfect blend of various melodies each of which has elevated the track ‘Second Base’ to new heights.  With the help of his production house Bornn Family Records, the artist has been launching one hit after the other and holds no comparison in the industry. You can follow the artist Bkbornn through his social media accounts Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


Second Base  :

Second Base

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