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Assure Shyamal Bera

kolkata, Jun 14, 2019 ( – “Assure” itself bears the meaning “to make something sure or certain”.

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Life’s uncertainties are inevitable and that’s the case with health too.No one can assure you that you will always be in the pink of health.

We, can, however, assure you that while you were unwell, we will stand by you and your family so that you can be totally free. With “Assure” by your side, you can rest all your financial worries, responsibilities and liabilities upon us.

“Assure” the dream project of Dr.Shyamal Bera has come in forth from 16th January 2019 with a dream of serving humanity. the sufferings of human being touched the hearted the heart of doctor and he promised to serve mankind by opening a diagnostic center and polyclinic with a low-cost rate chart and fully automated machinery.

The dream would have never come true if the entire Assure team was not with him.the constant support and encouragement was the inspiration of Dr. Bera.

Last but not the least, they had a future project of establishing a hospital of 40 bedded which is nourishing on the lap of nature .other than this, he had a dream of building an “old Age Home” to served the aged person who are eventually want to be the member of this “Home” when they are abandoned by their nearer ones. They are some machine names mention on below

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