The Young Artist F.M.E.O Dixon Has New Creations with Intensity and Fusions of Multiple Elements

FMEO Dixon  No Charges

Royersford, Jun 15, 2019 ( – The enigmatic young artist F.M.E.O Dixon has swept the audience off their offering two of his special treats to them in the form of ‘Outta Control’ and ‘No Charges‘. This 25-year-old individual is not a singer but a producer and rapper as well. With the help of his label, Fmeo inc the artist is known to experiment with multiple genres is responsible for launching some authentic tracks in the meantime. Even though the artist chose hip-hop to his comfortable genre, most of his music audios are melodic in nature making them stand apart from the rest of the creations of the music industry.

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Both the track ‘Outta Control’ and ‘No Charges’ though based on the genre of hip-hop are worlds apart from each other in its structural composition. When it comes to ‘Outta Control‘, the artist F.M.E.O Dixon had given the track he didn’t hold himself back while composing the track. The themes used by the artist are truly contemporary in nature, something that is not expected by a 25 year old. However, with this particular track, F.M.E.O Dixon shows his true potential as an artist. 

As compared to this, ‘No Charges’ is a fine fusion of vintage hip-hop beats with contemporary elements that enhances the rhythmic quality of the track. F.M.E.O Dixon composed this particular composition out of his real-life experiences. The soundscape of this track is hypnotic in nature which has captivated millions of music lovers in the process. You can connect with F.M.E.O Dixon through his account on Spotify.

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FMEO Dixon  Outta Control

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